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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Alternative Investments: Making Your Airway Heights Rental Property Work for You

Airway Heights Couple Meeting with a Financial AdvisorInvestors seeking for more alternative choices other than investing in a volatile stock market are looking toward rental properties to grow their portfolios. While stocks have the potential for unmatched growth, they furthermore hold inherent risks that can result in profound losses. As an alternative investment, rental properties give investors a profitable option compared to stocks and bonds while keeping risks low. And in contrast with the old owner-landlord technique to rental properties, today’s rental property investors are making single-family rental homes in Airway Heights work more effectively with the assistance of a team of property management professionals.

The question of which is a better investment, stocks or rental properties, will always lead to a wide array of justifications. The grounds for this is simple and pretty basic: what does “better” mean? Many investment options have different advantages as well as drawbacks, and so discovering the perfect preference for any one investor depends on things such as how much risk they are willing to take and how long they can wait for the payoff.

To acquire the real meaning of the difference between investing in rental properties and investing in stocks, equities, bonds, and so on, a team of economists analyzed over a century of global economic data. The study, The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-2015, compares the returns on equities, residential real estate, short-term treasury bills, and longer-term Treasury bonds over this entire 145-year span across 16 advanced economies.

What they realized is that, on average, residential real estate had the best returns of all investments, at just over 7 percent per year. Equities, or stocks, came in a close second. This contrasts with various investors who focus in one investment area (i.e. stocks) over another, with stock investors outnumbering those obtaining rental properties.

There are really good reasons for this inclination, because even though stocks are high risk, high return investments, noted for their high degree of volatility, there are relatively low barriers to entry in the stock market. Equities are also highly liquid, allowing an investor to sell quickly. Ultimately, lots of investors choose to acquire stocks because it is truly passive income – there are no actions demanded beyond initializing stock transactions.

Nevertheless, as existing years have proved, investing in stocks carries an inherent risk of disaster. An economic downturn can completely wipe out an entire stock portfolio, oftentimes leaving an investor with totally nothing. To mitigate this risk, numerous investors are considering rental properties as an alternative investment.

There are some rewards to investing in residential rental properties as opposed to the stock market. Based on sound research, rental properties are an extremely safer option for investors. But unlike treasury bills (another relatively safe option), real estate offers long-term returns that are comparable to or above the rate of return on equities.

Rental properties are not tied to the stock market, or even in many other ways, to the economy. The necessity for rental homes frequently increases in an economic downturn. What is more, excellent rental property can start producing rental income almost immediately and proceed to do so until the property is being sold for a sum much higher than the original purchase price. However, the down payment is likely to be a hindrance to new investors in the rental real estate market, there is the great chance that you’ll gain that money back plus a significant sum on top.

In any case, whether you’re finding an alternative investment to balance out your stock portfolio or you’re ready to go as a rental property owner, Real Property Management Spokane County is here to support. We deliver residential property owners with full-service property management support, intending to make real estate ownership into a completely passive income opportunity. We attend to the regular daily chores so that each rental property is effective and fully working for you, making you absolutely free to grow your wealth and realize true financial freedom. Contact us online or call 509-462-1042 for more needed information.

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