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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Top 4 Features to Look for in a Superb Income Property

Model Home of Income Property in CheneyBuying income properties can truly be an arduous business. There is a lot to know before choosing a potential Cheney single-family rental home, not entirely clear to first-time investors. While the price of the property is a key piece of information to have, it is not the most important one. As a matter of fact, the top four features to watch for in a great income property are property taxes, rental rates, future development, and vacancies. By executing a lot of research and taking as much data as you can in these four areas, you can better narrow your property search down to identify the most profitable options.

Property Taxes

The cost of an income property begins with the sales price but certainly doesn’t end there. As trained investors are aware, ongoing expenses such as property taxes could have a considerable effect on your rental home’s long-term profitability. Property taxes vary widely from town to town, and sometimes even neighborhood to neighborhood. It is essential to obtain accurate property tax numbers for the exact property you want to buy before making your offer. Most municipalities have an assessment office with tax information on file, with an increasing number of towns now offering this information online. You need to, additionally, check local news carefully for any hints of a property tax increase in the near future. Though high property taxes are not always a bad thing, specifically in a locality that is commonly known to attract enduring tenants, they can indeed be a mark of a town in great trouble.

Rental Rates

Knowing how property taxes will affect your investment is a significant aspect of determining your future property, but also in-depth knowledge of rental rates in your area. A thorough marketing analysis of the locality where you aim to buy could actually help you know what the average rental rate is. This number, in return, could really help you assess whether your expected rate will cover your costs, including the mortgage payment, taxes, maintenance, and more. Regarding property taxes, you’ll have to strive and gauge where rental rates in the neighborhood may be headed in the very near future. Looking at the recent past may help, as will staying on top of local development projects or shifts in demographics.

Future Development

As you pick out and gather your data on property taxes and rental rates, don’t ignore to research any plans for future development in the area. Mostly, the municipal planning department in your area will have helpful information on any new zoning and development plans. It is, furthermore, the right idea to look around the neighborhood and nearby areas for signs of construction. If a lot of building is underway, that may be a sign of an area experiencing strong growth. It’s likewise relevant to become familiar with many new housing developments, which could potentially lower property values for existing homes around. New housing could also wind up being your competition, with many more investors and even builders putting brand new homes on the rental market.


Lastly, the fourth significant component to use when deciding which investment properties to buy is the number of listings and vacancies in your locality. A district with a high number of rental homes is not necessarily a sign of trouble, as long as the number of vacancies in that same area is relatively low. On the off chance that you are uncovering unusually high numbers of unrented properties, though, that can thus be a warning of a neighborhood in decline. The more vacancies there are, the lower rents will go as landlords compete for tenants. You may probably turn out losing money if your rental rate dips below your ongoing expenses.

In Conclusion

While doing research on every potential income property is a lot of work, Real Property Management Spokane County can help lighten your load. We offer free rental property analyses for investors, which can help you more easily identify whether the income property you want to buy is a profitable option. Contact us online or call us at 509-462-1042 to learn more!

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