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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Should You Be Friends with Your Landlord?

Elderly Couple Chatting with Landlord in their Airway Heights Rental HomeMaking sure you maintain a good relationship with your Airway Heights landlord can make life a lot easier. But can you be friends with your landlord? Here are some important considerations to remember if you are contemplating renting from a friend or building a friendship with your present landlord. Landlord-tenant friendships can work, but it does take effort. It is always best to proceed with caution and follow these simple guidelines to protect both your rental relationship and your personal one.

Document Everything

The days of doing business with a handshake are long gone. If you will be renting a house from a friend, make sure to have all your rights and responsibilities outlined in a detailed lease. If you have agreed on items that are not in the lease, document everything. The purpose of this documentation of your landlord’s expectations is to protect you in case circumstances change and to hold both you and your landlord accountable.

Separate Business and Pleasure

Your friendship with your landlord will benefit from healthy boundaries to govern your landlord-tenant interactions as well as your social time together. When you are in a social setting, avoid discussions about the rental home, and make sure you understand that being friends does not mean your landlord has to cater to all your requests. If you do this, your roommates or other tenants will notice this special treatment and it can cause problems between you, your landlord, and them. So, remember, even as you become friends, being a landlord is your friend’s business, and keep your dealings professional.

Set Boundaries

As you keep your business and personal relationships separate, it is also vital that you set good boundaries with your landlord in other ways as well. Your landlord might think it is okay to invite themselves into your home or to your possessions as a close friend would. Doing this often crosses the line between being a landlord and taking advantage of a friend. When a landlord starts crossing one boundary, it will be easier for him to cross others as well. It is up to you to end these unwelcome behaviors as soon as possible. Keeping boundaries will help maintain your relationship with your landlord.

Anticipate Awkwardness

With your friendship with your landlord, you may begin feeling comfortable talking to him regularly. But there will be times that these conversations will become awkward, like if you begin discussing other tenants or even aspects of the landlord’s business that have nothing to do with your rental situation. You might have a landlord who spends a lot of time on the property and you feel pressured to invite them to all your social events. The problem arises when your landlord begins to express feelings of hurt if you do not involve him in every social activity in your rental home. Although it can be awkward, you have to make it clear that your friendship does not mean you have to include your landlord in all the things you do. In the same manner, don’t assume to be included in your landlord’s social gatherings. Neither of you will benefit from blurring the lines of your relationship.

As you can see, becoming friends with your landlord or renting from a friend can be a challenge and the road is filled with potential pitfalls. If you want to avoid the possibility of ruining a good friendship, it is best to be polite but professional with your landlord.

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