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Dethatching and Other Fall To-Do Items

Wheelbarrow and Rake for Fall YardworkAutumn bears a lengthy list of exterior property maintenance items with it. To secure your Liberty Lane rental property’s yard and exterior ready for winter, you may need to take a careful look at the lawn to see if it requires being dethatched, leaves cleaned up, and trees and plants made ready to weather the cold temperatures. Though tenants are a major portion of keeping a rental property really nice and in a good state, as to seasonal yard maintenance, there are various tasks that should not be a tenant’s obligation. Doesn’t matter whether you make certain that the assignment is fulfilled appropriately, or the job would set your tenant’s safety at peril, these sorts of maintenance operations are better dealt with by those who know how to bring them about accurately and certainly.

A rental property’s lawn is a crucial element of the entire appeal and value of the home. Scheduled lawn maintenance should be the first concern for both you and your tenant, as should other seasonal lawn maintenance tasks such as aerating and dethatching. As the time comes and goes, the soil underneath a lawn will turn out to be compacted with dead grass and other debris. This collected material is called thatch. While a healthy lawn will benefit from a little bit of organic material, when thatch builds up too much it can prevent water and essential nutrients from penetrating the ground and reaching the roots of your grass. This can make the lawn turn brown and stop growing, promptly leading to a landscaping eyesore.

There are two ways to address this problem: dethatching or power raking and aerating. For tiny lawn sizes, it is workable to discard thatch with a dethatching rake. The tines of the rake are fashioned to move the thatch upward, loosening it and separating it from the soil. To dethatch a lawn by hand, the lawn should be mowed to half of its normal height and then raked thoroughly. The loosened thatch can then be removed with your next mowing. To aerate a small lawn, you can rent an aerator machine that will remove small plugs of soil.

On the off chance that you are preparing to execute this yourself, be certain that you clearly mark all sprinkler heads or utility lines for the purpose that you don’t run over and damage them. You’ll additionally have to observe the procedures rather carefully to make sure that the aerator doesn’t damage your lawn in the process. There are even professionals who provide these services that you may want to confer with.

Certainly, if your rental property has a larger yard, these processes will be extraordinarily time-consuming and labor-intensive to carry out yourself. You could rent a dethatching or power raking machine to help with that job, but the same as aerating, you’ll have to be watchful not to damage your irrigation system or other parts of the yard. Lawns that have been aerated or dethatched must also be dealt with carefully or risk more damage. Proper watering and fertilizing are steps that should be taken after a dethatching or aeration, to both protect your lawn and encourage the roots to grow.

Notwithstanding that your tenant may look fit and able to do this task, it is not a good idea to expect them to perform dethatching or aeration on your property’s lawn. In case that they don’t do the work right or don’t understand what they are carrying out, they could surely cause extensive damage to your rental home’s yard, irrigation system, even septic or other utility lines. The equipment required to perform these maintenance tasks may not be a thing most tenants may have used in the past, highly adding to the odds that something will mess up and that they could even injure themselves in the process.

Putting your tenant’s safety at risk is never a nice idea, as it could lead to your being held liable for their pain and suffering. You could work on lawn maintenance on your property yourself, however, conditional on the scope of your rental home’s lawn, you might want to think about hiring a professional company to do it and do these important lawn maintenance tasks for you.

In lieu of devoting all of your time to seasonal maintenance tasks, take into account the advantages of appointing Real Property Management Spokane County to manage them for you. As a real estate investor, your time is just as good as money. Free up your time by opting for us to watch over your rental property for you. Our property maintenance services will make certain that important seasonal tasks are being accomplished regularly and rightly, keeping your Liberty Lane rental property in good shape year-round. To understand more, contact us online or call us at 509-462-1042 today.

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