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Your Spokane Tenants and Jack o’ Lantern Safety

Jack O’ Lantern on Porch Steps of a Spokane Rental PropertyNothing says Halloween like a glowing jack o’ lantern. But even though they’re commonly known and widely used at this time of the year, jack o’ lanterns can give rise to serious safety risks to tenants and rental houses alike. As a Spokane rental property owner, it is essential to share with your tenants what to do to avoid fires and injuries. By sharing a few safety tips, you can help support your tenants to be happy with their holiday celebrations and avoid accident or injury.

Jack o’ lanterns are common holiday decorations which are usually laid on porches, patios, and railings, and are traditionally lit with small candles. Nonetheless, bringing carved pumpkins next to doorways, walkways, and other easily accessed areas can result in several safety hazards. As an illustration, carved pumpkins can deteriorate in just a few days, creating a slimy mess of rotting pumpkin that can make stairs and sidewalks slippery. Pumpkins can, additionally, entice hornets and other pests to draw near. These insects will sting or bite if disturbed.

Adding candles to a jack o’ lantern is another safety issue, especially if and when the pumpkins are placed too close to doorways where the costumes or clothing of visitors could catch fire. Year by year, Halloween decorations cause an estimated $13 million in property damage, dozens of injuries, and even deaths. The wonderful news is that there is a lot you and your tenants can, indeed, do to avoid such an accident.

Among the best measures to prevent pumpkin-related messes and spills is to control the duration of time that carved pumpkins are left sitting outside. The longer the pumpkin is open to the elements, the more likelihood that it will soon start to rot or attract unwanted pests. If your tenants desire to carve and display pumpkins, tell them to be patient and wait until just before Halloween to set them outside, and then to properly dispose of them promptly thereafter. This can aid in keeping doorways and walkways free of stinging insects and slippery spills.

Another course of action would be to strongly urge your tenants to carve hardshell gourds or craft pumpkins rather than the real thing. Gourds don’t break down and rot as pumpkins do, which means they can be safely displayed for longer times. Craft pumpkins look like the real thing, but are created out of foam or other materials that last longer. These can, furthermore, be carved or decorated and displayed safely year after year in view of the fact that they never deteriorate.

Though these ways can greatly help to lessen many risks, certainly the biggest problem with jack o’ lanterns is when they are lit. Candles have long been the illumination source of choice for carved pumpkins, which is why their open flames can create a serious fire hazard. If it follows that your tenants are set on using candles in their decorations make sure that they realize it is imperative to, first of all, prepare precautionary measures.

Tenants should clear away dry leaves and other debris from the area where lit pumpkins will be placed. They should indeed be informed of the gravity of never leaving lit candles unattended, and station them at a safe distance from doorways and walkways. Certainly, one of the best ways is to strongly urge your tenants to apply an alternative lighting source, such as glow sticks, which are non-flammable, do not use batteries or electricity, and are weatherproof. Glow sticks can also be used to illuminate craft pumpkins, unlike candles which should never be used in these decorations.

Carving and displaying jack o’ lanterns is an enjoyable part of Halloween, but only if it is undertaken safely and properly. Educating your tenant on jack o’ lantern safety is a significant task and it is one that demands time. If, as stated, time is of the essence, then you may doubt if tenant education is the ideal application of your precious time. On the contrary, think about hiring Real Property Management Spokane County to carry it out for you. Our comprehensive property management services include important safety advice for your tenants, aiding you to keep them and your property free from injury and fire hazards. To understand more, related to what we can do to help Spokane property owners like you, contact us today.

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